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In an extraordinary adventure lasting 6 years, Ruth Flowers, a charming, remarkable 80-year-old English grandma, travelled to the four corners of the globe. In 2010, she began to appear on the front pages of newspapers and the covers of magazines all around the world as ‘Mamy Rock’.

Ms. Flowers was enjoying a happy, peaceful retirement near Bristol when she met a young French producer named Orel Simon, who suggested she should become a DJ. Not being particularly busy at the time, she decided to take up the challenge.

After just a few months, she was world famous and travelling to far-flung countries to perform her mix sets at the greatest clubs and most exclusive events. Her tours were packed with exceptional, unforgettable encounters, leaving her with hundreds of stories to tell.

During her 6-year adventure, we filmed her escapades in Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Australia, China, Puerto Rico, Singapore and Paris, and at 3 Cannes film festivals. The results show an unstoppable woman of great character whose cheerfulness, smile and rugged determination turned all the usual stereotypes on their head. She unintentionally became a role model, proving to the world that old people do not have to while away their last years in retirement homes and that it is never too late to start a new life.


In June 2014, after several hundred performances around the world, Ruth was relaxing in her armchair at home in Bristol when she passed away, luggage at her feet and passport in pocket.

This production is more than just a colourful tribute, it is the story of an amazing personal, cultural and historical adventure full of hope; a unique saga that fascinated the world.


Ruth made a profound, lasting impression. Now it is up to us to bring her adventure to people everywhere.

                                                       Orel SIMON

                                                       Producer & Ex-manager

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